State Issue 1

What is State Issue 1?
- A proposed Ohio Constitutional Amendment that would:
- Reduce certain drug possessions to Misdemeanor charges (fentanyl/carfentanil, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, hashish, GHB (Date Rape Drug), and others)
- Allow violent and non-violent offenders to be released from prison early if they participate in rehabilitative, work, or educational programming
- Make probation the only option for an individual's first or second conviction within a twenty-four month period, removing the option of prison time
- Remove local discretion to order prison for offenders who violate probation

Why is this dangerous?
- 2 grams of fentanyl is a lethal dose. Under this amendment, possessing up to 19.9 grams of fentanyl would be considered a misdemeanor.

- Under Issue 1, a college student charged with underage drinking can be sent to jail. Someone in possession of 49 hits of heroin or 19 grams of fentanyl cannot.
- For both violent and non-violent offenders, crimes can be committed without paying the consequences. Taking away discretion from judges to send an offender to prison for a probation violation means those offenders have no incentive to follow orders, such as undergoing treatment, abstaining from drug use, and obeying stay away orders.
- State Issue 1 will place a huge burden on cities and counties with regards to additional costs of probation, first responders, and coroners, as well as transportation of prisoners and processing release petitions and court hearings.
- State Issue 1 will also make it much harder for law enforcement to get drug dealers and users off the street.